Thursday Coffee Ride

  • 30 Mar 2023
  • 9:00 AM
  • Gold River, Gold River Shopping Center, SE corner of Sunrise Blvd & Gold Country Rd.

Ride:            46 / 60           Hilly             Flexible

Leader:   Tom Adams, 916-764-7019,

RWGPS:     Medium:


Description:  This route to Baked and Brewed in Auburn is not exactly an out-and-back, but it is fairly direct. On the way out, we're on the trail on the north side of Lake Natoma, pass through Orangevale, and end up on Indian Hill, mostly bypassing Auburn Folsom. On the way back we do a little Powerhouse diversion and then descend Auburn Folsom. We complete the route traveling the south side bike trail. The shorter route follows the long route to Penryn but regroups and refuels there (mile 22.4). Both routes head down Rock Springs Rd. The long route turns on Gilardi. The shorter route continues to Brennans. At that point, the two routes coincide again, but the shorter route is about 14 fewer miles back to the start.

Elevation Medium: 1,728 feet

                  Long:      2,929 feet

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