Thursday Coffee Ride

  • 23 Feb 2023
  • 9:30 AM
  • Gold River, Gold River Shopping Center, SE corner of Sunrise Blvd & Gold Country Rd.

Ride:            55.8            Hilly             Flexible

Leader:   Tom Adams, 916-764-7019,

Description:  This route from the Wheelmen GPS library goes out on Iron Point, moves over to Empire Ranch/Sofia Parkway, climbs Malcolm Dixon and then Deer Valley before regrouping at the Starbucks located at Green Valley and Cambridge (mile 25.8). It’s not all downhill from here. We climb into the burbs of Cameron Park and up the backside of Hollow Oak. Then the downhill kicks in bigtime beginning with Serrano Parkway. Back on Sophia, we turn northwest on East Natoma and then southwest on Oak Ave. Parkway before reconnecting with Iron Point.

Elevation 3,762 feet


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