Ride Leader Forms and Guidelines

If you're a club member, we urge you to lead a ride or two....or more! If you've never led a ride before, we have plenty of help for you. The Ride Director can help you select a route and give you pointers for a successful ride.

To sign up to lead a ride,

If you can't find the ride you want in the Ride Archive, or its a new ride, there's a space on the form for you to describe your ride. Contact Mabel Wong, Ride Director if you have any questions.

After the Ride, remember to promptly email your completed Ride Roster to Michael Goble, our Mileage Coordinator.

Ride Leader Guidelines & Suggestions

(Use these instructions to help your ride go more smoothly)

Ride Roster Form

(Have members and guests sign either the single day or, for tours and zodiacs, use the multi-day roster sheet)

Single Day Roster Multi-Day Roster

Liability Waiver Form

(Require guests and guest minors to complete these forms)

(Follow these instructions if an accident occurs on your ride)

Accident Report Form

(Complete and submit this form to the Ride Director

if an accident occurs on your ride)

Silent Sports Incident Report

(Complete and submit this form to the Insurance Coordinator and Ride Directory if an accident occurs on your ride)

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