Awards 2013

42 photo(s) Updated on: 08 Feb 2014
  • Top Mileage Females
  • Top Mileage Female, Mary Moore
  • Ride Director, Dan Anglim
  • President, Jim Dodds
  • Banquet Chair, Bob Evans
  • Susie Evans (standing) banquet chair, with Jane Anglim
  • Dennis King, up to his tricks and posing with an award
  • Top Ride Leader, Tom Goodwin
  • Tandem riders, Jane Anglim, Top Mileage-Mabel Wong, Top Mileage-Bob Storelli, Dan Anglim
  • Top Mileage Males Clayton Boudreau, Dale Johnson, Dave Clifton, Tom Goodwin, Nick Hourigan and Rich Zeiszler
  • Top Mileage Male, Clayton Boudreau
  • Board members, Jim Dodds-President, Laura Choate-Secretary, Dan Anglim-Ride Director, Steve Forsberg-Vice-president, Mike Kersten-Sierra Century Director, Dale Johnson-Treasurer
  • Jim Gilman Award, Dale Johnson
  • Hugh Anglin Award, Michael Goble
  • Sierra Century Director, Mike Kersten
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